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The Guild Bank

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The Guild Bank

Post by Fontane on Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:29 pm

The Guild Bank is open to everyone to use! If you need something from the bank, and you're able to withdraw it, go right ahead and take it. But please, don't be taking things to sell, or anything that you do not need.

As your rank in Guild increases, you will be given more access to the Guild Bank.
If you cannot access a bank tab, you may be able to request Gems & Enchants based on your rank in the guild.

Please read the in-game Guild Bank Info Tab for details on each Bank Tab.

-Bank Tabs 1-2: Open to Prospects

-Bank Tab 3: Open to Members

-Bank Tab 4: Open to Soldiers

-Bank Tab 5: Open to Templars

-Bank Tab 6-7: Open to Officers

-Bank Tab 8: Only open to Council Members

*Please read the in-game Guild Bank Info Tab for the request requirements

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